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Useful links to help you planning of your wedding

Have you already started with the preparation of your big day? I’m glad to hear that! There is a lot that needs to be arranged when preparing for a wedding. It can be the case that you are almost set for the day and that you have almost done all the preparations that need to be done. But there are a lot of wedding couples that are very happy with a few useful links. If so, please carry on reading.

Wonderful bride…

Would you like to be a dazzling bride on your wedding day? Have you got trouble finding a good hairstylist  and make-up artist? I might be able to help you. I can recommend to you Mariska van Gelder

Two or four wheels?

Would you like to arrive in front of all your guests in a special way? Some wedding couples like to arrive at the wedding venue with their own car. Do you like a casual entry the Dutch way? Then it can be an original idea to arrive by bike! If you like to arrive in style, you could hire a special wedding car. I can recommend There are lots of wedding cars to choose from. Karel and his colleagues will make sure you can just lay back and enjoy your big day.

useful links

Useful tips for an original photo idea?

Do you like to receive original photos of your wedding day? That is possible of course. If you like to browse for good photo ideas, you can have a look at:ën-voor-je-bruiloft/ Please share your photo ideas with me before the wedding. Then we can take these pictures while we do the photoshoot. For more ideas you can have a look at:

Let’s party!

Have you planned a fabulous party, but you did not manage to find a good and affordable deejay? Don’t worry. Just contact me. I know several affordable deejays that can make your wedding party unforgettable.


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