Spontaneous wedding photography

Spontaneous wedding photography is key if you like to look wonderful in a picture without too much posing? Do you like romantic wedding photography that captures the surprising moments of your big day with a natural feel? Then please carry on reading. Many wedding couples choose me because they like my spontaneous style of photographing. Would you like to see some wedding photos? Please click here. Your ideas are the main focus for me when shooting a wedding. Therefore it is good for me to know what you expect from me. The happier you will be with the end result. If you like to read about my way of working please click here. As far as pricing’s concerned, I think wedding photography should be affordable. For prices please click here.

Photographer that captures spontaneous moments

I will make sure that you won’t have to miss a single moment of your special day. A day of sheer happiness, laughter and tears of joy. It will all come along on the day you will get married. Many unique and special moments and I am happy to capture those for you in the most beautiful way. I will wander around among your wedding guests and I will shoot at the very best moments so you can just enjoy your big day. Most of the time people don’t take any notice of me at all. That is why my pictures have a natural and candid style. Do you like natural, spontaneous photos with a stunning end result? I can deliver. Because I photograph as a fly on the wall, I can mingle among your guests and people can just carry on having a good time. Your  guests don’t have to worry about there being a photographer around. As a result you will look at your best in the photos and the most stunning moments will be captured. Your wedding day will be photographed the way you will enjoy and remember it. A brilliant memory for life.

A few tips for that one special pic

Are you happy with the idea of natural photos, but you wouldn’t mind getting a few tips? That’s fine. During my years as a wedding photographer I met quite a few wedding couples that were a bit camera conscious. They were quite pleased with the few ideas I gave them. Tips to get jolly group photos or to capture a wedding couple in the most elegant way. And a bit of humour is the spice of life. It will make you wedding day even more cheerful than it already is.

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