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Great headshot, a photo with power

Have you often wondered how to present yourself best to your new employer or potential clients? A good profile photo is more important than you think. It can make a real difference! Your profile photo is the first thing people will look at when they click your profile on LinkedIn or if they receive your job application. That is why it is key to have a compelling business portrait of yourself. A photo with power! I know how I can deliver the best result for you. As a portrait photographer in the Hague I know exactly how . With my years of experience I can give you many useful tips to look great in the photo. Do you want to know more? Please click here or carry on reading.

casual business portrait photographer corporate style editiorial Den Haag

What is a good professional headshot ?

The best profile photo is a photograph of someone with  a natural , friendly and confident expression. Not too serious and at the same time not too reserved.  People like to get to know you when they see your photo. 

To get the right profile photo, what should I pay attention to?

A good photographer focuses on your best characteristics and the required look. The photo must grab attention straight away and give a good feeling. A photo that is taken too nearby can be too intrusive for a viewer. Often it is advisable to choose a photo with some more background. In that way you can avoid that effect. It is also important that the photo portrays you in a relaxed and comfortable manner. A self-confident appearance is good as long as it does not come across as arrogant. Additionally I take care with my  work approach that you feel at your best during the shoot. The best images then come automatically.

profielfoto zakelijk casual formele kleding fotograaf den haag

Work approach for a social media portrait session

As experienced portrait photographer, I can help you to come across as professional on the photo without the need for too much posing. Before the photo session begins I shall ask you to collect some examples of images that best show how you would like to be portrayed on the photo. Think for example of posture, look, background, but also clothing. Do you work in professional services? In that case surroundings with a lot of depth, glass and nice lighting can be a good choice. For me as photographer it is very important  to know what kind of images you would most like to have after the photo shoot. By discussing the example images that you have assembled before the shoot and frequently showing you the results on the screen during the shoot, you will always receive the photos that you had in mind. Success guaranteed!

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