Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Pregnancy Photo Shoot


Are you expecting? Congratulations!
Your pregnancy is a very special time. Time for relaxation and self reflection. While your baby is growing inside you, you notice all the changes in your body.  You will be a mother soon….! Why not have a photo session to celebrate this?

Before we start with the photo session, we can leisurely discuss the ideas for the shoot. In a relaxed atmosphere we can talk about the light we can use, or what colours you would like in the photos.  Perhaps you have seen some photos on the internet. That is great, because we can use these as an example. Would you like to read more about my way of working? Please see: Way of Working

A pregnancy shoot is very special to do for me as a professional photographer as it is one of the best moments in life when you’re expecting. I feel thankful for making your special memories. Would you like to  see photos of pregnancy shoots I have done? Please scroll down to the slide show.

Pregnancy photo shoot for the best price

Why not give a pregnancy photo shoot as a special present for your wife tor Christmas or for her birthday?  Prices are does not have to be expensive.  Do you like to see the price options? Please see: Pricing