Love Shoot

Romantic love-shoot

Are you in love? That’s great! Celebrate your love with a romantic love-shoot! A fun photo session, professional photographer and great atmospheric photos that tell the story of your love.

Location for your romantic love-shoot

The love-shoot can be held at any location possible. Maybe you have special memories on that place where you had your first date or perhaps you like to have your pictures taken in a beautiful park. You can choose where you would like to do the photo session.

Duration of a love-shoot

A love-shoot takes about an hour. This allows me to capture your love with fun,  spontaneous moments. An hour is great. Then we have time to have a walk around and you can choose where you would like to have some romantic photos taken. Different backgrounds make the photo series even more interesting. If you like to have more time for your love shoot, that is also possible. Please have a look at the prices to see the possibilities.