Love Shoot

Romantic loveshoot

So happy together? That’s great! Why not celebrate your love with a romantic loveshoot! If you go for a romantic couple photo session with me as a professional photographer in Den Haag you will get amazing photos. You want to know why? That is because I have a special way of working that will make a difference.

Casual way of working

As a portrait photographer I know very will how you will feel when you are being photographed. What usually works very well is letting you focus on each other rather than on the camera. You just have fun being together and I capture the best moments. A bit of humor can do miracles. I love so much telling your love story, that you will feel the positive energy and start feeling relaxed. The best shots follow just like a dream.

Loveshoot couple in the dunes Scheveningen Beach Den Haag romantic photoshoot photographer

Location for your romantic photoshoot in The Hague

The location of the loveshoot can be anywhere you would like. What do you think of the beautiful Park Clingendael or even the Japanese garden. Perhaps you would like to go to Scheveningen Beach or Buitenhof. Or even outside The Hague. That is also possible. Maybe you have special memories on that place where you had your first date or perhaps you like to have your pictures taken in a beautiful park. You can choose where you would like to do the photo session.

Duration of a loveshoot

A loveshoot takes up to an hour. This allows me to capture your love with fun,  spontaneous moments without you being aware of the camera. We have time to have a walk around and figure out what will give us the best shots with the most atmospheric backgrounds for romantic photos. A variety of backgrounds will make the photo session even more exiting that it already is. If you like to have more time for your love shoot, that is also possible. Please have a look at the prices to see the possibilities.

Make it a surprise…

Have you found the love of your life and are you thinking of an original way to propose? Why not make it a special surprise! Simply book a loveshoot with me and we will make it happen! Your loved one will just think you will have a special loveshoot so she won’t be suspicious at all.   If you like some tips, I can give you some great suggestions for the location of your marriage proposal. Afterwards you will have great photos as a wonderful memento. And what’s more, you will receive a canvas printout of your favorite photo!

Huwelijksaanzoek aanzoek marriage proposal beach aan zee strand Scheveningen Pier


What a great experience it was, Irene. Thank you so much for the great ideas and for the photos. They are fantastic. We will recommend you to anyone.

Gerald & Stephany