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Have you ever considered having great photos of yourself so that you can position yourself in the market as an entrepreneur? If the answer is yes, then a personal branding photoshoot is exactly what you are looking for!

Show your most personal side with photos of yourself and what you love doing most. This is valuable content for your website and for social media such as Instagram or Twitter. This content will emphasize you and your personal brand so potential clients will get acquainted with you sooner, and as a result be more likely to choose you in preference to other entrepreneurs.

You as a personal brand

You might ask yourself: “What type of photos do I need?” That is completely up to you. The sky is the limit, as long as it makes you unique. For example, do you enjoy skimming the headlines of the paper in the morning with a latte macchiato at your favorite coffee place, while also loving to grow your own vegetables? Or do you like spending the weekend outdoors making long walks on the beach, while also being proud of your fully equipped loft style apartment where the light shines in so beautifully? Or do you prefer to emphasize your business side and would like to be photographed with your new car? These are only a few examples of the many ideas you might have. Together with you we can find out what you would like to convey to your ideal client so that they can find the way to your website and you in an instant!

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Personal Branding Photoshoot – what does it involve?

Do you sometimes wonder what could be the most interesting message or what image would work best with your post?  Does this sound familiar to you? I can help you with this. Have your ever realized how unique you are and how special your personal story is? In a meeting we can determine what your niche is as an entrepreneur and how this can be translated into the most compelling photos.  Think crisp, sharp and colorful images covering how you spend most of your day. This can be kept simple. Imagine a photo of yourself if you are replying to a mail from a potential customer or if you are having a conversation on the phone to confirm an appointment. I will capture this in a casual, relaxed way with the right setting that fits your ideas for your company. In a timeframe of 1,5 hours, I will create a series of photos of you at one or possibly two locations. Thanks to the discussion we had earlier I will know exactly how to let you and your personal brand shine in the spotlights. Even if you are not so used to being in the center of attention or if you are feeling a bit camera conscious, I can capture the best moments for you. As a professional portrait photographer in The Hague with years of experience i know exactly how to handle this. With my relaxed way of working, I will make sure you feel at ease and confident so the best shots will follow naturally. Exactly like you have in mind. This autumn I can offer this photoshoot for € 200 including 20 images in jpg high resolution. And what’s more: you can choose the best ones you’d like to receive! I want this!

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How to prepare yourself for the photo session

Choose two or three sets of clothing that you think look great on you. If you feel happy in the clothing you are wearing, you are already halfway there. You don’t necessarily have to wear a formal outfit. Something more casual can work just as well, as long as it matches your style of leading your business. A casual shirt can easily be combined with a dark jacket in order to obtain a more business-like appearance on the photo. Make sure you find out which colors suit you best and which match the philosophy of your enterprise. You can choose the style of clothing depending on your preference and the line of business you are in, formal or a bit more relaxed. Stay close to yourself. If you never leave the door without your red lipstick, put it in your handbag. Or if you like to jazz up your outfit with a colorful scarf, please bring it. A bright color accent will always work well in a photograph. Bear in mind that the photoshoot is ultimately me-time for yourself. So why not indulge yourself and make sure you look the part during the photo session. Good preparation is half the battle so why not get a fresh haircut or enjoy being pampered at the beauty store?

What to bring to the photoshoot?

It can work well to bring a few items with you that you use a lot in your job. This can be anything, as long as it fits in with the ideas for the photoshoot. For many people who are self-employed this is their phone, a laptop, a notebook, a pen (with your company logo of course!) and a cup for your favorite tea. Perhaps your company has a mission to offer healthy organic dishes. In that case the shoot can best be done in your own kitchen or in that new funky restaurant where you were the other day. Do you have great plans and would you like your company to bring out  the best in people? Sounds good! Together we can visualize the ideal concept for the photos. In the correct visual language. Anything goes! So let’s drum up some business! I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and start brainstorming with you.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have some compelling, crisp and bright photos of yourself and of what you love doing? Images that suit the mission of your company.

Would you like to learn more? Please contact me for your own personal branding photoshoot. See you soon. Ciao!