About me

Female photographer for a fine portrait or special wedding

As professional female photographer, people have always fascinated me as a subject for photography. It is a great profession in which I feel totally at home. Not in the least because of the personal side. My drive is to deliver an end result that is as beautiful, spontaneous, contemporary and artistic as possible. Attractive light, the correct setting and right look and feel ensure the photo gives you a good feeling. Important moments form the common thread in my photos. My work ranges widely from portraits (such as family portraits or social-media portraits, e.g. for LinkedIn or a CV), wedding photography or a wedding reportage on location, as well as corporate photography. Portrait sessions for employees, photography of a corporate event or a photo for a publication. I am happy to be of service.

Personal contact

Beautiful photos are a result of a good preparation and working relationship between client and photographer. That is why it is important for me as a photographer to know what people might expect from me. I therefore take good care of personal contact. This can be either a first meeting for wedding photography or an informal chat over a cup of coffee to discuss ideas before getting started with a portrait session. Taking the time to listen to what you have in mind can make all the difference. How better the contact between photographer and client, how finer the end result will be.

Good preparation

In order to guarantee a good result I only work with the very best photo equipment and light sensitive lenses. I work with at least two different camera bodies and backup material. Before the photo session, I will readily discuss with you where you would like to have the photos taken. I investigate the possibilities so that there are no unexpected surprises. As a result, I can concentrate on the most important thing: to portray you in an unforgettable way.


Fotoacademie Rotterdam – Education to photographer ( diploma achieved in june 2011 ).